Privacy Policy

(Handling of personal information)
1. Personal information will be collected to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use.
2. If the purpose of use of the collected personal information about a person is to be changed, a prior notification will be delivered to the person or such notice will be made easily accessible to general public, following approval by the information manager.
3. If personal information is to be collected directly from a person, the purpose of use will be clearly indicated to the person.

(Storing of personal information)
1. Reasonable safety management measures will be taken for personal information. Such measures include locking management and access control.
2. The officers, members, and secretariat of ESG Disclosure Study Group will not take or leak personal information outside the organization without approval from the information manager.

(Use of personal information)
1. Personal information will be used within, but not exceeding, the scope of Paragraph 1 of the article “Handling of personal information”, unless otherwise specified by the applicable laws.

(Disposal of personal information)
1. If the storage period of personal information expires, or if personal information is no longer needed because the original purpose of using such information is already accomplished, the personal information will be promptly disposed of upon the responsibility of the information management officer unless otherwise stipulated by the applicable laws.
2. If personal information is to be disposed of as stipulated in the previous paragraph, the disposal will be conducted in a reliable manner by means such as incineration, dissolution, shredding, or data erasure.

(Provision of personal information to third parties and obtaining of personal information from third parties)
1. In principle, the provision of personal information about a person to any third party or the obtaining of personal information about a person from any third party without a written statement of the purpose of use and consent from the person will be prohibited.